The FDA is hosting a new webinar about Lithium Battery Concerns for ENDS products.

FDA and their webinar about problems with Lithium Batteries in Mods

The FDA is examining different ways of battery failure such as overheating, fire, and explosions when used in Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems.

They will also be taking input from E cigarette companies about their safety related concerns from the lithium batteries being used in Vape Mods.

To Register for this workshop webinar, you will have to register electronically online. You can appear in person also but seating is limited, so early registration is suggested. You have to submit your request by March 17th to be able to view the workshop

Some subjects that they will be speaking about are Current ENDS design and risks associated with those designs, ENDS Design for Risk control of battery failure, Battery Concerns related to ENDS failure, Non-Battery related Concerns related to ENDS failure, and Communication to consumers and the general public about battery safety.

We are all hearing stories in the news about mods exploding in people’s pockets and this is an important discussion to have about e cigarettes and the batteries involved. Most problems occur with mechanical mods or unregulated devices. These devices have no chip that controls the flow of electricity inside the mod and can be dangerous. Only advanced vapers should be using these types of devices.

The safest way to vape is to be sure to have an authentic regulated box mod or e-cigarette device purchased from an authorized reseller or distributor.

For more information, please visit the FDA website, under the (CTP) Center for tobacco products