E-Liquid Nicotine Strengths - What Should I Stock?

Wondering what the common nicotine strengths are? We've got the right doses for your shop.Nicotine Strenghts are getting lower and lower with the rise of high wattage sub ohm vaping. Get to know the proper nicotine strengths to sell your customers.

Wondering what the common nicotine strengths are? We've got the right doses for your shop.

As a vape shop owner, you need to consider what nicotine strengths to stock. Your customers are going to determine what nicotine level they wish to vape, and it's important for you to keep a few options for them to look into. E-cigarette sales continue to rise, as sales reach over $1.7 billion dollars, according to tobacco analysts.

As more people explore the world of vaping and e-cigarettes, there are some things they should be aware of before diving head-first. For first-time vapers, understanding what level of nicotine strengths are in e-liquids can be very beneficial to have a good beginners vaping experience.

These are the most common nicotine strengths that you should keep in stock at your vape store for a successful smoke shop business:

What is Nicotine Strength?

First, we want to start off by making sure you understand what nicotine strength is and how it is measured. Nicotine strength is measured as milligrams per milliliter, or mg/mL in the short form.E-liquids can reach levels of 36 mg at its highest.

For most cigarettes, the nicotine level varies from anywhere between 4mg up to 14 mg. When changing from one level to the next, you should consider moving at a slow pace. If you are changing from a level of nicotine that contains 16 mg, you should go down to 11 mg.

There is more to measuring e-cigarette liquid strengths than you may realize. Our tips will explain what different nicotine levels exist and how you can choose the right one for your best vaping experience.

What Nicotine Strengths Should I Stock?

For your customers, it's important to explain to them what levels they should vape at. You need to know these levels in order to give them the best customer service at your smoke shop.

Some things to keep in mind are:

  • How often does your customer use tobacco products already?
  • What kind of device are you choosing to vape with?

For example, if you are a person who smokes unfiltered and very strong cigarettes, then you should go for vape e-liquid strength with nicotine level of 36 mg.

Below is a comprehensive list of nicotine levels that you need to be aware of before you start vaping. The levels vary from low to high and should be matched up with your current tobacco use for your lifestyle.

Studies have shown that most people start out vaping e-liquid levels of 16 mg. 16 mg is comparable to smoking a regular pack of cigarettes and is used as a standard measurement for comparing higher strengths.

If you are someone who smokes full flavor cigarettes, you should go for a vape e-liquid strength with a nicotine level of 24 mg.

Most people smoke regular old-fashioned cigarettes, and if you are someone who does, you should opt for a vape with a nicotine level of 16 mg.

Light to medium cigarette smokers should opt for vape with a nicotine level of 11 mg.

Smokers who choose ultra light cigarettes need to choose vape e-liquid that has just 03 mg of nicotine in it.

If you do not have a need to fill a nicotine fix, you can still participate in vaping. Nonsmokers do not need any level of nicotine in their e-liquid. This level is at 0 mg.

What If I'm Vaping With Too Much Nicotine?

Your body will be confused if you are not used to taking in so much nicotine, so you need to figure out the best nicotine strengths for your lifestyle. Let's say you are used to smoking regular cigarettes. It's not going to be effective to start vaping 36 mg of nicotine right off the bat!

You will immediately overload your body with more levels of nicotine than it is used to. Smoking too much nicotine will severely decrease your experience with e-cigs because you are taking on too much too fast.

This is why it's vital for your vaping experience that you pay attention to the right nicotine strengths clearly labeled on e-liquids in smoke shops. Eliminate the intense vaping side effects by choosing the best nicotine level for your body.

What If I'm Vaping With Too Little Nicotine?

If you are vaping with too little nicotine, the nicotine strengths in your current e-liquid will need to be changed. There is something called compensation smoking that will take place if you are not smoking enough nicotine.

Your body is used to a certain level of nicotine, and you will start to vape more and more to compensate for the lack of nicotine. You will begin to think that your experience has to do with the e-cig, but really it has to do with finding the right nicotine strengths.

Once you find the right amount of nicotine to fit with your smoking lifestyle, then your e-cig experience can be positive. Don't be afraid to test out and change the nicotine strengths in your e-liquids until you hit the right dose!

Devices Used for Vaping Influence Nicotine Strength

How you vape is also a factor that can influence how pleasant your vaping experience can be. There are a few methods that are currently on the market today that is used to vape.

Some popular methods to vape with are vaping through disposable or rechargeable e-cigarettes. You need to stock the right batteries for these devices, too. Many e-cigs require safe batteries to run. You can easily determine how much nicotine to use with these types of devices by matching up with your tobacco use.

In another example, if you smoke regular cigarettes, you should most likely use a vaping e-liquid that contains a medium level of nicotine. This level is most likely at 16 mg. To feel the same level of pleasure that your regular cigarettes give you, doing some research on matching your cigarettes to the right amount of nicotine strengths will be most effective.

When it comes to more powerful devices, you should limit your nicotine level to 03 mg when starting out with a vape. Box mods are known for dispersing the nicotine more evenly and therefore you don't need too much nicotine in the device. E-cig box mods are continually upgrading and improving as time goes on.

If you are looking to ease yourself off of nicotine, you can also smoke nicotine-free. The nicotine level that you should intake would be at 0 mg. Vaping can be enjoyable for you, too. There are a bunch of flavors that are sold for satisfying oral fixations. Not only is vaping one option to intake nicotine with, but it's a method of reducing your nicotine addiction.

Now let's be real, you can't end your nicotine addiction over night. The goal is to start out by cutting down the nicotine levels that you are smoking over the course of a few weeks to months.

Eventually, you will end up taking a smaller dose of nicotine which can lead to less dependence. If you are someone who is trying to quit tobacco products, using an e-cig with 0 mg is a great way to kick your habit.

Will I Feel The Right Dose?

Unfortunately, with e-cigs, there is no end of a cigarette that lets you know you are done. For people who have been long-term smokers, it's even difficult for them to predict when they will be finished vaping an e-liquid.

There is one way to measure your intake and that is through something called puff counters. New models of box mods are able to show you how many hits you have taken, and how much nicotine you have left.

High-quality box mods are able to measure the amount of nicotine that you are vaping which can undoubtedly be extra helpful throughout your first vaping experience.

We recommend that you start vaping at a lower dose and gradually increase your intake to see how satisfying a certain nicotine level will feel for your individual needs. Not everyone will feel the same reactions to higher or lower levels of nicotine.

Our Final Conclusion

Vaping is becoming a major business these days. It's important to stock the right nicotine products to satisfy a wide variety of customers in your smoke shop. We hope that sharing this information regarding e-liquid strengths can be beneficial for your smoke shop business.

The e-cigarette boom continues to expand the market for even more production in the future. At Vape Supply Club, we value your wholesale purchases. If you ever have questions about any of our featured products, be sure to let us know over the phone or through e-mail.