The Best Vape Mods of 2017

We review the best vape mods, box mods, and temperature control mods of 2017. We compare all their features so you can decide which one is best for you. We have narrowed down the crowded field to only the best recommended vape mods and box mods.

High Wattage Box Mods have come a long way since Kanger and Sigelei first introduced them to the market a few years ago. Now they have every option and feature you could imagine, giving you the platform to vape however you want, at any wattage.

Whether you are looking at the best vape mod for clouds or just a good high end vaping mod, you can find everything you need to know in this article. We won’t review any mechanical box mods because these are the hottest vape mods available right now. So What is the Best Vape Mod on the Market in 2017?

Lost Vape Triade DNA250 TC Box Mod

Lost Vape Triade DNA250 TC Vape Mod

The Lost Vape Triade DNA250 TC Box Mod has the new Evolv DNA250 Chipset, a substantial upgrade from the DNA 200 Chipset. This box mod gives you 50 Watts more power than the older model and looks really cool too.

This is a super high end vape mod, with a price tag of $149.99, it does not disappoint. The design and craftsmanship is top notch. The body of the mod is made of Zinc-Alloy, Stainless Steel, and real leather. It has a similar shape to the Wismec 2/3 being triangular on the ends so it feels nice in the hand. The mod fits three 18650 lithium batteries for the ultimate output and battery life.

The platform for the atomizer is raised and has a great 510 connector with some really smooth threads. The firing button as well as the UP/DOWN buttons are very clicky, so no need to worry about it sticking.

The genuine leather back makes this box mod stand out from the rest. Nothing says quality like real leather that can be conditioned and taken care of. The Triade boasts quality unlike the cheap pleather of the KAOS Spectrum. There are several different colors of leather that you can choose from to make this mod fit your personal taste and style.

The Evolv DNA 250 Chipset is what powers this mod and makes it so great. It gives you an extra 50 Watts of power output and 2amp on board charging with the supplied USB cable. Internal Charging is not for everyone. It is very convenient when you are on the go or in the car, worried about having a dead battery. The chipset was able to boost the efficiency from 85% on the DNA200 to 97% on the DNA 250, which means better battery life.

The mod has tons of options to customize your vaping experience. It includes a preheat function, a full temperature control suite and access to Evolvs software, Escribe. With Escribe you can customize every possible thing imaginable with this mod. Just plug your mod into the computer with the supplied USB cable and launch Escribe. Escribe lets you customize your screen, preheat settings, save profiles for specific tanks, battery profiles and so much more. If you like to tinker and customize your mod, the Escribe software and The Triade is definitely the mod for you.

Lost Vape Triade DNA 250W Vape Mod Features

  • Wattage Ouput up to 250 Watts

  • Triple Battery setup with gold plated contacts

  • Patented Evolv DNA250 Chipset

  • Genuine Leather Back

  • Ventilation Holes

  • Escribe Customization software

  • 97% Battery output efficiency

  • Triple Battery cell monitor

Wismec RX 2/3 – 150W/200W Vape Mod

Wismec RX 2/3
This Wismec RX 2/3 is the upgrade to the famous Reuleaux 3 battery box mod. This is a favorite among vapers for its long battery life and its rounded back. The rounded back design makes it easy to hold in your hand versus having a square back.

Wismec partnered up with Jaybo designs again with this box mod. The Rx 2/3 now lets you choose whether you want 2 or 3 batteries in the mod. Two batteries allow a top wattage of 150 while 3 batteries give you the high wattage of 200W, just like the RX 200 and RX200S. The mod comes with an additional back cover to make the mod smaller when you are only using 2 batteries in it.

This is a great designed vape for the advanced vaper and has the best electronics inside to get the most out of your vape. The RX 2/3 has full temperature control capabilities and allows you to fire a coil as low as .05ohms.
You can plug in this mod via USB to your computer and download the latest firmware and also change the logo on the screen to whatever you would like.

This is my personal favorite of all the mods and the one I use every day. The Wismec RX 2/3 is one of the best 200w vape mods. It’s a solid vape with clean lines, despite its big appearance, it fits in the palm of your hand just perfectly. It now also comes in a variety of colors Cyan & Grey, Red & Black, Full Black, Gold, Matte White, and the standard Grey & Silver.

Wismec RX 2/3 Features:

  • 1 – 200 Watts (2 x 18650 = 150 Watts , 3 X 1860 = 200 Watts)

  • Temperature Control capable

  • Resistance of .05 ohm in Temperature Control Mode

  • Resistance of .1 ohm in Variable Wattage Mode

  • Dual or Triple 18650 Configuration with extra slim battery cover for when you are using 2 batteries

  • Solid Build with battery cover lock on bottom of Mod

SMOK Alien 220W

SMOK Alien 220W Vape Mod

The Smok Alien 220W Vape Mod has become a favorite among vapers recently due to them selling the mod along with the Baby Beast Tank. It can be argued that the SMOK Alien 220W is the best vape mod on the market.

The Zinc allow build along with the satin paint finish makes it real nice to hold in your hand. The different color combinations you can get with this mod are Silver, Orange, Champaign Gold, Red, Gun Metal, and Blue. There have been some complaints about the paint wearing off after a good amount of use, so just keep that in mind when purchasing.

The Smok Alien uses two 18650 lithium batteries which gives you a good amount of time before you have to recharge it, depending on the wattage you are vaping the Baby beast tank at. The SMOK Alien is probably the best 200w vape mod around right now.

SMOK Alien 220W Features:

  • Power Range 1-220 Watts

  • Atomizer Resistance .1 ohm – 3 ohm (Variable Wattage) .6ohm – 2ohm (Temperature Control)

  • Temp Control Range (200F-600F)

Sigelei KAOS Spectrum 230W TC Box Mod

Sigelei KAOS Spectrum 230TC Vape Mod

The Sigelei KAOS Spectrum 230W Box Mod really stands out from the rest of the pack. With all the different light up color choices you could call it the iPod of Vape Mods.

This is one of the nicest mods Sigelei has put out in a while. It is very similar in size and shape to the SMOK Alien mod. The mod is incased with a nice Zinc alloy body. There are no venting holes on this mod which would have been nice. With some good high drain batteries, you shouldn’t have to worry.

The feature that’s all the craze is the 6 Color Led light ring. You can customize it to your favorite color deep blue, purple, yellow, light blue, red, or green.

Keeping the light on all the time will definitely drain your battery, so there is the option to turn it off. You can also have the light on when the mod is on, or when the you press the fire button.

The Kaos Spectrum 230W also features an almost 1 inch color screen. It has all the usual information like wattage, battery percentage, amperage, and voltage. The screen feels like it is plexiglass instead of toughened gorilla glass. It would have been nice with a thicker glass so it wouldn’t break if dropped.

The button placement isn’t the best because they sit right above the screen. When you press them your finger cover half of the screen so you cannot see your settings change very well. This annoying, which is why the Wismec 2/3 is better with their button placement below the screen.

The chipset inside is an improved version of the Segelei 213 chipset and can output 230 Watts with only two batteries. The board has a complete temperature control suite which includes TCR and TFR.

This mod is designed by Sigelei and KAOS E-Cigs. They did a good job at making a cool mod with the color light ring, color led screen, and the improved chipset. This mod is a little more fun than the SMOK Alien, so If I would have to choose, I would go with the Sigelei. After all, the Alien Mod’s paint wears away and we don’t want that.

Features of the KAOS Spectrum 230W

  • .1ohm to 3ohm Resistance Range

  • Preheat Function

  • 35 Amps of Continuous Output

  • Temperature Control Suite with Nickel, Titanium and SS316L Support

  • Color Display with Battery life indicator, Output Wattage, Temperature, Voltage, and Current.

  • Zinc Alloy Sturdy Build

  • LED 6 Color Light Ring

  • On Board USB Charging

  • Stainless Steel 510 thread

  • Gold Plated Battery connectors and Thread Contact.

Sigelei 213W Mod

Sigelei 213W Vape Mod
This box mod was Sigelei’s homecoming back into the premium vape mod market. They teamed up with Suprimo Vape and collaborated on the design of this mod.

The Sigelei 213W Vape Mod has all the features of the newest vape mods. It can reach up to 213 Watts, which should be high enough for most vapers. The Sigelei 213 uses two 18650 batteries. This is a temperature controlled device and can use nickel, titanium, and stainless steel coils in Temperature Control Mode and Kanthal and Nichrome in Variable Wattage Mode.

Sigelei has really stepped it up with the design of this sleek new mod. It is made from both Carbon Fiber and Zinc alloy and comes in two colors, grey and gold. The mod is pretty small for the amount of power it packs. Sigelei has come a long way since they launched their 100 and 150 bulky box mods a few years ago.

The Sigelei has a power up feature that allows vapers to either preheat their coil at a low wattage or at a super high wattage for coils that take too long to heat up.

The 213 mod shows the power in Amps on the lcd screen so a vaper can know if he is going over the limits of his batteries. The circuitry also has a built in protection for batteries that are out of balance. If the battery levels become too unbalanced it will trigger the safety mode on the device, protecting the user and the batteries.

Sigelei 213W Features:

  • Wattage Output – 10-213 Watts

  • Output Max Current – 35Amps

  • Premium Carbon Fiber and Zinc Allow Build

  • Power Up Functionality

  • TCR mode

  • Three button operation.

Aspire Archon 150 Watt Vape Mod

Aspire Archon 150 Watt Vape Mod
The Aspire Archon 150 W Vape Mod is powered by two 18650 lithium batteries and is capable of producing up to 150 Watts of continuous power to your sub ohm atomizer or sub ohm tank. The Aspire Chipset inside this mod is similar to the Aspire NX75 but has been modified to produce the high wattage of this box mod.

The Archon 150W has tons of advanced features just like its competitors but it is still very relatively simple and easy to use. One feature that stands out from the rest is its child lock feature. It requires you to input and unlock code before the mod will fire.

The Aspire Archon 150W is made from and Zinc alloy metal and comes in three different colors. Black/Yellow, Dark Grey/Yellow, and Blue/Yellow. The smooth rounded design makes it really easy to hold. The fire button is in a great location on the mod and it is super clicky, so you don’t have to worry about it ever sticking. It is a very solid build, no rattling sounds when you shake it, unlike some other cheaper box mods on the market.

The Archon has advanced options like its TCR and Curve Mode that allows you to create multiple custom firing profiles in both Variable Wattage and TC modes. The Customizable Firing Button Profiles allows for heat ramp-up, the power curve to be fine-tuned. There is no need to plug the mod into a computer to achieve this. Firing button profiles allow you to create extraordinary flavor with this mod.

You can customize the screen on this mode as well, even without plugging it into the computer, just follow the directions in the instruction manual. This vape mod also allows you to upgrade the firmware to unlock the latest technology of the mod by visiting Aspires website and downloading a easy to use upgrade program.
This mod is a great for a vaper looking to get into subohm vaping without shelling out big bucks for a fancy new high wattage vape mod.

Aspire Archon 150W Features:

  • 1-150 Wattage

  • Temperature Control Mode

  • CFBP(Customizable Firing Button Profiles)

  • Solid Zinc Alloy Solid Build

Vape Mods Analyzed

What is a Vape Mod?

A Vape mod is a power source for your atomizer. Basically a case that holds rechargeable batteries to supply electricity to your atomizer. A common name for them are “box mods” because the early ones looked like small boxes. “Mod” comes from the early days of vaping. Vape enthusiasts would “modify” existing ecigarette devices to get more power and vapor from their atomizers.

All ecigarette power sources are now called mods because the term has gained so much popularity. There are two types of mods, box mods and tube mods.

Tube mods are exactly like they sound, a metal cylindrical tube with a battery inside of it. You screw your atomizer on top and press a button and vape.

Box Mods are box shaped and have a “firing switch” or button to press when you want to vape. Press the button, your atomizer gets power from the batteries and vaporizes your eliquid from the heated coil in your atomizer. When you release the firing switch, the power goes off. Pretty simple.

Different Types of Box Mods

Box mods now come in all different shapes, sizes, designs, and configurations. Some lower end vape mods have a built in lithium ion battery that can be recharged with a usb cable. The newer higher end mods use removable rechargeable 18650 Lithium Ion Vape Batteries. These batteries can be recharged either though a usb cable plugged into the mod or removed and charged in an external battery charger.

Most of the higher end vape mods can be recharged through usb allow you to vape while the batteries are charging. This is called “pass-through”. It is extremely convenient if you have a usb port in your car. You will never have to worry about your battery going dead halfway through the workday.

Box mods have changed from bulky square boxes to more rounded box like shapes so it feels more ergonomic holding the vape mod in your hand. Most box mods will hold two batteries, while some of the higher powered ones can hold 3-4 batteries now.

Almost all box mods now have different types of chipsets or pcb boards to for safety and to allow the user to perform more advanced functions. They are almost like mini computers and most can now be plugged into your computer to customize settings.

Some of the advanced functions are variable wattage and temperature control. The newer mods have preheating and even customized firing patterns.

Mechanical Mods have no kind of advanced chipsets or safety features. They take the current from the battery and send it straight to your atomizer. These should only be used by advanced vapers that know all about ohms law. You need to have specialized high amp and high drain lithium batteries for these mods. Otherwise cheaper batteries can overheat, vent, or even explode.

Which Vape Mod Should I buy?

Choosing a mod can be hard these days with all the selection out there by many manufacturers. You have to ask yourself some questions before you buy a vape mod:

  • How much power do I need?

  • Am I going to be using a RDA or a Subohm Tank?

  • How will this mod feel in my hand?

  • What kind of look or color do I want?

  • What kind of advanced features do I need? Do I need temperature control with the subohm tank im using?

  • How long will the batteries last before I need to recharge them?

  • What is my budget?

There are so many vape mods on the market to choose from. You are going to have no problem finding the perfect one for you once you have answers to these questions.

Conclusion: Vape Mods are evolving so fast it’s hard to know which one to buy and which one will last. Do you want the best vaping mod or just a cheap box mod? These new unique vape mods that we list in this article will give you options for what you want or what you need.

When buying a vape mod be sure to buy the correct 18650 vaping batteries for it. We have a blog article written specifically about these vape batteries so you can make the correct choice when you decide to purchase.

Also be sure to check out our article on the best sub ohm tanks to use with your new vape mod. There are so many choices these days, be sure to get a good one that won’t be obsolete a few months after you get it.