The Best 18650 Vape Batteries for your Mod in 2017

We list the best 18650 Vape Batteries on the Market in 2017 for your Vape Mod. We also talk about battery safety and counterfeit / rewrapped batteries. I'm sure your wondering, which is the best vape battery?

The Vape Market is changing and people are switching over to sub-ohm tanks, rda's, and 200W box mods for their vaping hobby. When buying a high wattage vape mod you need to find the best 18650 vape batteries for your individual vape mod. Battery specs are very confusing so were going to break it down for you and explain what you need to safely vape in the sub-ohm zone.

There are three types of 18650 vaping batteries

  1. 1.High Capacity and Low Power
  2. 2.Low Power and High Capacity
  3. 3.Batteries that are between that offer a little of both

We will now take look at the top 6 Best 18650 Vaping Batteries

  1. Sony US 18650VTC5: 20Amp – 2,600 mAh
  2. Sony US 18650VTC5 Vape Battery

Be careful to only buy Sony Batteries from trusted vape distributors, there are lots of clones on the market. This is probably the best vape battery on the market right now. This battery has a 20-amp limit and a capacity higher than most other vape batteries on the market. Beware of Vendors claiming this battery has a 30A discharge, it does not, Sony has put out documentation that it only discharges at 20Amps.
We would have recommended the Sony VTC4 with its 30Amp rating. It only has a 2000mAh capacity, the cycle life is low, and it should only be used with protective circuitry (regulated vape mods).

  1. LG HB6 18650: 30Amp – 1,500 mAh
  2. LG HB6 18650 Vape Battery

This is a fairly new battery on the market and one of the best LG makes for high AMP needs. This battery boasts 30Amps of continuous discharge, but lacks in capacity, so you will need to charge more often.

  1. LG 18650 HD2: 25Amp – 2,000 mAh
  2. LG 18650 HD2 Vape Battery

This battery by LG gives you a high amp limit while still having a reasonable capacity. This is a great battery for vapers with a dual battery box mod. The battery uses different technology than the others. It is made out of lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide. This new chemistry doesn’t pose the same safety risks as other lithium batteries.

  1. Samsung INR18650 25R5: 20Amp – 2,500 mAh
  2. Samsung INR18650 25R5 Vape Battery

The 25R5(green) is an upgraded version of the 25R2(blue). Samsung has stated that it does not have better performance than the 25R2 but it does have a longer cycle life, at least 250 charges. This is because they have changed the chemistry inside the battery by tweaking the electrolytes.

  1. LG 18650 HE2 and LG 18650 HE4: 20Amp – 2,500 mAh
  2. LG 18650 HE2 Vape BatteryLG 18650 HE4 Vape Battery

The HE2(red) and the HE4(yellow) 18650 both have the same specs with both having 20Amp continuous discharge and 2,500 mAh capacity. The HE2(red) is the same cell as the rewrapped Efest 35A Purple battery. Do not try to push this battery to 35A, because it can only take pulses like that for around 1 second and it will decrease the batteries life. The HE4 will perform better under higher temperatures and heat up less when running high current.

  1. LG INR 18650HG2: 20 Amp – 3000mAh
  2. LG INR 18650 HG2 Vape Battery

This is one of the most popular and best vaping batteries for anybody who enjoys sub-ohming. The cell is great for Amperage and Capacity but it doesn’t perform as well as the HE2 and HE4 under continuous high Amp loads of 20-21 Amps. Independent tests suggest that the capacity decreases rapidly when it is placed under high loads.

Battery Safety

You hear almost every day on the news somebody’s vape mod blowing up in their pocket. A battery can only discharge so much current and if you use too much current, you put yourself in danger. Batteries that put our more current than they are capable of can start venting. It will start hissing, releasing poisonous gas from its casing, catch fire, or possibly even explode. You need to get the correct battery for your mod. The clerk at the vape shop doesn’t always know what he or she is talking about when it comes to battery safety.

You can’t always trust the manufacturers of these batteries. Some can be clones and some can be rewraps (batteries from another manufacturer that are wrapped in another brands wrapper). Also, some companies will advertise batteries amperage wrong. They will advertise the pulse amp limit(a batteries amp limit for short bursts) as its continuous amp limit(a batteries amp limit for steady use). This can be dangerous because if you are vaping at a high amperage over the continuous amp limit, the battery can overheat and explode.

We have done a lot of research along with some friends in the vaping community. We are here to give you the truth about batteries and which ones you should buy for your vape mod.

What Amps and mAh do I need for my vape battery?

A simple explanation of Amps, Amperage is the amount of power or current the battery can put out at one time. The higher the Amps translates into the higher wattage that can be produced.
So, mAh stands for Milliamp Hours. The mAh rating is how much “juice” the battery can hold. These two characteristics of batteries will state how long your battery will last.

In theory a 3000 mAh battery will deliver 3000 milliamps for one hour or 1000 milliamps for three hours until the battery is dead and has to be recharged.

The ideal battery would have the highest amps and highest mAh right? Unfortunately, with current lithium battery technology that battery doesn’t exist.

If you want a high power battery with high Amp discharge, you will have to sacrifice on capacity, meaning you will have to charge it more frequently. The opposite is true if you want a battery to last a long time and hold a lot of juice. You will have to sacrifice power to get a battery that has high capacity and doesn’t need to be charged as frequently.

Warning about other brands of batteries:

There are a lot of batteries that don’t make the cut. After batteries are manufactured they go through a quality control process. They are divided up into three different grades, A, B, and C. The A grade batteries are usually sold to auto companies and the power tool industry. The B and C grade batteries are sold off to other companies. They rewrap the battery with their own name brand, usually boasting that it is a superior battery.

Lots of 18650 vaping batteries that are not from trusted manufacturers like LG, Samsung, Sony, or Panasonic are usually rewraps. Rewraps are inferior batteries that did not meet the quality control standards. They are sold at a steep discount to companies who put their own wrapper on them.

Building a lithium battery factory can cost tens of millions of dollars. These small battery companies cannot afford manufacturing their own batteries. Most of these companies will exaggerate the batteries Amperage and Capacity and sell it as a premium product while it is far from it. Some companies that are notorious for doing this are Efest rewraps and MXJO rewraps.

Conclusion: The key to finding the best 18650 vape battery is safety. We all want to blow the biggest clouds while having the battery last forever but if your mod blows up in your pocket, you’re going to be one unhappy vaper. Remember Ohms Law while making your sub ohm build and always fire it with the correct batteries. To be on the safe side, get a battery with more Amps than you need so you’ll never have a problem with the battery venting or exploding. Nobody wants to be carrying around a potential pipe bomb in their pocket!